96 (Prod. Mz Boom Bap)

from by TyC // 95 KiD

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Roll up da philly, we getting silly,
In graffitti lofts chilling on chilli rocks, just really
Only young knocks out on the look-out for cops. In these spots
We watch, talk, drop lots of conscious, lyrically accomplish
- Complicated interlectual content,
Share ya company from Z to compton.
Stop the narrative, this is native to y’all
Scene: a big party which bitches, Q and lamar
A large Styro-cup, don’t give a fuck about your „I-know stuff“
Eye-go-not so ironically inside your psych-oh-Uhhm.-
I don’t know why I do smoke so much. Take a toke is lust,
But tonight I’m getting high like I am so in-luck,
Yea I’ll toke a lot, crack a morgan open like coconut.
Roll- a blunt and get so in-touch with emily
Your best friend may be your enemy. Who’s got stuff? (Put it up if you don’t give a fuck!!)
- Put it up, baby push it up, you sitting weird though,
I’m in the truck, she gimme fuck, I’m speaking weird though.
„What a weirdo, he’s like so for-real gross“,
But reckoning that you subbed to me, shows you got a ear for me though.
For me these egos and machos are very muchos,
Not my secundos, they’re unos, who don’t know my Judo.
Muchas Gracias, I learned that shit on Sesame
Don’t know what the fuck is up with me, I act so recklessly,
First crashed my car in a tree and now I killed Stephany
She was another girl who once ago had slept with me.
- Just saw a cow who dun shoot down the deputy
What the fuck is up, where’s the party and where is stephany?
I think I’m credibly so incredibly high right now. I believe I can fly right now.
I’m in the sky zone, high zone, lost in the mist above me –
This form y NY peeps livin like Big Lebowski.


from 85MS EP - Prod. Mz Boom Bap, released September 2, 2014
Instrumental produced by Mz Boom Bap.
Mastered & engineered by TyC // 95KiD.



all rights reserved


TyC // 95 KiD Zürich Flughafen, Switzerland

TyC // 95KiD

19 years old.

MC from Zurich,

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