Forever Played (Prod. Mz Boom Bap)

from by TyC // 95 KiD

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Young fellas who dun heard of this,
No preservatives, aggrivated by conservatives
- Some of us don’t know what the verdict is.
Meaning of life‘s, all that we purge to live,
I burn the spliff it split me head like ripe watermelons,
Type you often getting weird calls like „I’ll off you Helen“,
Who the fuck is Helen, ain’t got no clue who’d tell em‘
Television is running I’m at home and it’s just bout seven.
I watch Se7en where the bad guy gets his,
Seventh sin in his booklet, his heist was perfected.
Check the last line, did I spoil the story for you?
Waiting for heat to cook and boil up more heat for you?
Tension is getting heavy, the temperature just got ready,
Water boils up, then gently, brew me another tea,
- It gets cold in the Z, quite chilli outside,
I’m inside behind the window pretty view from this side,
(Hip Hop x8)
Strictly for my confederates
Bumping these tracks, remembering the sentences
Anyless, I confess must stress to get pay.
TyC, bringing real shit back – Forever played

Yup. This is for my niggas at the central,
Grand stationin’ impatiently awaiting the train with a mental
So gentally picturing graphical sceneries,
All vicinities, thoughts weave and assemble a movie, Z
5 AM, it’s quite misty in the lion den,
Fire spins off my lyrical sin intervention,
My frineds think I’m mad, glad so tension,
I bringing in dimensions, whack students I send back to detention,
Bringing these tracks like engines bring power to a wheel
Force of a master who invented a more unique feel
All you weak “Real, I kill all MCs” go back to sleep,
I’m back to creep up in yo spine and give your mind a leap
Slap you masses of jackasses like badass is within of me
This is high class, til infinity,
In the ministry I represent the city Z
Any nigga killing me lyrically is definitely not possible,
At least in my town I’m unstoppable
On top of yo lyrics, I’m guiness, you kids are on-limit’
Live-it like Cyclopses, cautious with the autopsy,
Caught us in the vortex, caught up so consciously
with rhythmics is really sick
But I’m on another level. You really get what you will get if you get push the treble
I myself was once a pebble in the nether,
I remember many endless Decembers I settled.


from 85MS EP - Prod. Mz Boom Bap, released September 2, 2014
Instrumental produced by Mz Boom Bap.
Mastered & engineered by TyC // 95KiD.



all rights reserved


TyC // 95 KiD Zürich Flughafen, Switzerland

TyC // 95KiD

19 years old.

MC from Zurich,

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